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About Us

SYL Sports & Wellness is a sports provider for several International and Independent Schools Internationally – UK, Australia and Canada (ASL, ACS, TASIS, Eton College, British School of Barcelona etc.).

If you’re keen to bring in some more solid, high quality coaches, we have a team of established coaches that specialise within various activities.

Do you have any positions on the way?

We can provide you with Middle School and Varsity coaches, PE Staff, SEN and Lunchtime Supervisors as well as assistants for the school and for all paid positions, in a way that doesn’t acquire the school any additional costs.

About Our Coaches

We guarantee you the highest quality coaching in the Industry for any activity you choose to run with us. Our ability to retain the best coaches has been built on excellent networking relationships with top academies and external sports providers as well as continuous training and investment in coaches to progress in their level of specialisation for their particular expertise.