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Sales & Marketing Coaching Sessions

We are HOLDING brand new SalesMarketing Coaching sessions held by some of the highest rated Sales and Marketing coaches in the country.

I know you’re maybe wondering ….

What is S&M coaching ?

  • A Sales & Marketing coach is someone who aims to help and empower others to make, meet and exceed personal and professional goals – including excelling in the workplace/business, Improving  Customer acquisition, becoming happy and fulfilled in the home, exploring the self and the world, overcoming fears & anxiety and achieving ambitions.

IF YOU WOULD BE KEEN TO GET INVOLVED then you can BOOK a FREE over the phone SESSION for yourself/your team today.

How it works…

Simply fill out the form below, and that’s it!!!

We will send you a confirmation email, and that’s all !!

Just sit back relax, and enjoy the coaching by our enthusiastic, professional and well qualified coaches.

Please note:

Who we Work With ? 

We work with winners. We work with people who either are successful at something already, or have firmly decided to become successful.

If someone wants to play small, be average, that’s their choice and we respect that. We are not right for each other though. We only work with people who aim for gold in this game of life.

We have coached a wide variety of extraordinary individuals as young as 15 and as old as 66. We’ve worked with CEOs of multi-billion pound corporations, entrepreneurs, bankers, traders, doctors, lawyers, actors, senior executives, property developers, designers, architects, creative and ambitious students and most importantly TEACHERS.

It’s not important to us whether you’re a man or a woman, how old you are and where you’re from. What’s important is how committed you are to the process; how badly you want to change something in your life.

Our clients work with us because they’re ready to get to the next level. They’re ready to go outside of their comfort zone and reach a new high.

If you have a goal that you’d like to achieve – maybe in your Business, Family life, Relationships, Health Or even if it’s just increasing productivitywealth, and personal effectiveness then we will handle it for you in this FREE session!

book your  FREE Phone call session NOW.

PLEASE NOTE: Your booking is 100% private and confidential – and will NEVER be discussed with anyone else. The details disclosed will be solely for arranging a time with your SELECTED coach – or one of our associated experts depending on availability and ambitions. YOUR INFORMATION WILL NOT BE SHARED, Sold or related to any of our other work – this is completely under your DISCRETION and private and confidential!!! 


Other Areas we Could Help you with Include:

♦ peak performance/maximising your potential

♦ goal setting/taking action

♦ gaining clarity

♦ overcoming procrastination

♦ work/life balance

♦ career/finance

♦ dating/relationships

♦ confidence/self-belief

♦ motivation/energy level

♦ personal development

♦ interests/passions

♦ stress reduction

♦ health/wellbeing

♦ weight loss/gain

♦ addictions/bad habits

♦ time management

♦ social/communication skills

♦ business start-up

♦ leadership

♦ interview techniques

♦ body language

♦ public speaking



QUICK BACKGROUND info about “SYL Group” – Provider of High End Coaching To Schools & Business’s.

Established in 2011

We are a fresh organisation –

To date, We’ve worked with over 1,000 schools + 300 men and women on a one-to-one basis. We’ve also made an impact on many of those who came to any of 200 events on a wide variety of personal development topics we’ve spoken at, and those who have come into contact with our writing.

We love what we do and we love those with whom we do it. Our clients are amazing and we serve them powerfully. We help them to achieve the best results as quickly as possible, using our signature positive CAN DO and refreshing approach. Private coaches are often the only people in their lives who have the experience to brutally be honest as well as create a plan to get to the next level. The only person who can make them see what they cannot see themselves.

It doesn’t matter if you’ don’t believe in yourself and the impact you can make in the world when you come to us. We will believe for you until you do, too.

Our job is to make you feel great about yourself and your life. And we are very good at our job.


“Thank you for my amazingly transformational six weeks of coaching, Michael. My life will never be the same! You became not only someone to look up to and get the reasonable amount of kicking in the butt from but also a friend, inspiration and source of positive energy. Much love goes your way. Everybody needs a coach like you.” – Julija, Head Accountant 

“Michael was terrific to work with. He is energetic, dynamic and professional. He also has the most wonderful sense of humour. He is detailed-oriented, dedicated to his work and is someone who gets the job done. Anyone who works with Michael is fortunate to have him on their team.”  – Gabriella, Art Dealer 

“My sessions with Michael were great. He is absolutely made for this work. He is very skilled and I’m truly grateful for the help and support he gave me to work through the difficult problems I faced.” – Paula, Dentist

“Michael is caring, empathetic, and insightful; an extremely talented and skilled professional who possesses a high degree of emotional intelligence. His ability to listen and understand makes it possible for Michael to ask penetrating questions in such a way that the outcome is a honest dialogue that produces productive results. In the safe environment Michael provides, one has a genuine opportunity to gain clarity and understanding not only about important matters related to business and leadership but also to find answers to personal life questions.” – Alan, CEO

“Michael has been my life coach for almost a year. He has been an incredible force in my life. His techniques are marvellous, so much so, that I am using them in my own consulting work now. Some of his best qualities as a life coach are his genuine spirit, his honesty, his excitement about your accomplishments and his caring. I’m not sure where I would be now without Michael.” – Stuart, Consultant

“Thank you…working with you is just what I was looking for; it really opened up my eyes and enabled me to create a plan to reach my goals. I have had much success in all areas of my life.” – Anna, Fashion Designer

“Michael is an amazing coach! I saw significant improvements in all aspects of my life in only a short period of time. Michael was able to help me overcome my obstacles and open my eyes to all the exciting possibilities in front of me.” – Mary, Artist

“Choosing to work with Michael has been on of the greatest things I’ve done for myself. He’s helped me to gain perspective, identify a clear path, lay out the direction for my future, and gain new insight into how to carry out my life dreams. He has taken me from a lack of self confidence to bold self confidence in realizing that the dream of owning my own business is possible. He has taught me to not only dream big, but to take the actions which will allow me to reach my dream in a manner that is both manageable and meaningful for me. He has helped me discover ways to excel and he has helped me to lay the bricks creating the foundation for my future, which I never thought could happen. I was stuck in a rut before working with Michael, but with him by my side I have accomplished tremendous amounts in just a short period of time and, most importantly, I know I will reach my goals sooner than later.” – Amy, Business Owner 

“Michael does a tremendous job helping me change the way I view the world and those around me. I would encourage anyone to work with Michael who is looking to think big, improve themselves and help those people they care most about.” – Elissa, Writer and Editor

“Michael has really helped me remain motivated and propel my business forward. I was finding myself torn in a million different directions and he was able to help me prioritize and set attainable goals. His insight into what I needed to do to get my business on the path to success was invaluable. And he always knew the right questions to ask that helped guide me to make good and practical decisions. I would recommend Michael to anyone working to grow a successful business.” – Reena, Wedding Planner

“Working with Michael has been invaluable for me. His experience and range of approaches sometimes lead to challenging work, but work worth doing. I wholeheartedly recommend him.” – Phillip, Stylist

“I felt that I was losing control over everything in my life when I hired Michael. With his support, I left a job that I disliked and embarked on a new path, which felt like shackles off. I have rediscovered the joy of life and I feel like a different person. I stopped seeking self-worth from my girlfriend, which ironically, took my relationship to a much better place. Numerous synchronicities have now occurred and my life is unfolding effortlessly. I continue to work with him and highly recommend his coaching!” – Robert, Software Engineer

“Thank you for our life coaching work together which resulted in a greater sense of autonomy for me. I have clearer direction around my career. Our work increased my capacity for action on my own behalf. We also restored my faith in working collaboratively. You served as a believing mirror.” – Patricia, Business Owner

“Michael is a superb coach and I highly recommend him to anyone creating bold new visions and realities. Michael’s energy is soothing and centering, as he offers valuable insights and frameworks that help me to move forward. He is highly intuitive, curious and respectful, a combination I find restores, relaxes, and uplifts me.” – Jane, Doctor  

“Through my work with Michael I became clearer on my priorities and values in life and how certain choices and behaviors I was undertaking were not in line. I was then able to shift these patterns of behaviors to others that were more in line with these values. I found myself happier and more connected to myself as a result.” – Jan, Banker

“Michael’s ability to genuinely listen gives people permission to discuss sensitive life changing topics with grace and a sense of humor. He’ll challenge you and you’ll thank him for it! Michael really knows how to keep it real.” – Lisa, Lawyer 

“In less than two months, I went from procrastinating and agonizing over taking my next step, to putting myself out there and succeeding! Michael is intuitive, positive, and doesn’t waste time. His style is a great balance of “lets get things done” and also creative and exploratory. He seems to know when to focus on the concrete goals and when to explore our personal motivations and feelings. Go see him!” – Lauren, Investment Banker 

“Michael helps me sort out the opportunities before me and decide what is the best fit for ME – not anyone or any factor around me. He helps me to feel confident in my decisions and pushes me to make practical moves towards meeting my goals. I always leave our meetings with a sense of clarity and renewal.”  Steve, Freelance Photographer 

“Working with Michael gave me a kick start to help me to start looking at my problems in a new way. Michael asks you questions that you will not typically ask yourself which allows you to explore new perspectives and ideas. By working with Michael I have created new life systems which have given me greater confidence to believe in myself and work independently.”  Ben, Journalist 

“As a life coach, Michael has had a dramatic affect on my motivation, helping me to realise what I wanted to do and then achieve it. He was also able to introduce me to the best person to design my website. I would say the life coaching sessions had a big impact on my life and I am very grateful to Michael for this.” – Julia, Actress 

“Working with Michael has really helped me to focus on my goals in life, become more confident and understand not only my own behaviour but that of others around me. He is always understanding but challenging at the same time, he knows exactly how hard to push! If you decide to work with Michael he will take you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to do things you never thought possible. Go see him, you will not regret it!” – Kate, Retail Director