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Let me answer a few of the most common questions prior to a first time booking:

How many children can you take in one minute session – we have two very big classes in UKS2?
We normally recommend 25-30 children per group – which is an average class (every 30 minute session). Should you need to adjust the anumbers we can normally work around it as long as you let us know in advance.

How many sessions would you get into the one day?
Our lunch is 12.00 to 1.00 with setting up time either side (in the hall).
On average most schools have around 8-10 classes MAX (which covers around 300 children based on groups of 30 students per session)

Its totally fine for us to use the lunch break as break and re-charge for more impactful sessions in the afternoon for our instructors as well (no problem for the hall being out of use- pretty standard for us).

Is it possible to have outside sessions (weather permitting)?
Yes – it’s totally fine for us to have outside sessions – as long as whether permits. With that said – for hula hooping and moving the joints as well as music aspects and performances – we normally recommend an indoor space – but once again can always adjust if necessary.

What is the youngest age group you take?
We can cover classes all the way down to reception and nursery (Age 3-4). The only thing is that I would recommend to perhaps shorten the little ones sessions down to maybe 15 mins or so – for more impact and suitability for their concentration levels.

Do you provide all the equipment?
YES! We provide all equipment – but always helpful Incase you can make any extra equipment related to the activity in the school available on the day as extra support (if possible).

Can I confirm all coaches have relevant DBS and identity documents?
YES – you will get a copy of an enhanced DBS alongside (online if on update service) photo ID from our instructors prior to commencement of any sessions.

Is there anything else the school will be expected to provide in order to run the sessions?
Nothing else to be expected for you to provide!


Are all your staff DBS checked?

Do you charge per pupil or per session?
We charge a base rate “per session” – on average £5.00 per session and a MINIMUM of 15 children signed up before we can start the club (£90.00 base rate per session + option to SWAP activities every half term is our normal rate) – Please note: fees may change depending on activities and duration of bookings.

Which age group would you cater for or prefer to target?
Depending on the activity Year 3,4,5,6 (is most recommended age groups – for fastest results + end of term performances for parents) – ALSO happy to cater to Reception & KS1 age groups as long as we split the age groups I.e. Reception + KS1 (1 group) & KS2 (1 group).

Minimum number of children needed to run the club?
We normally recommend 15 children minimum – but depending on how much you charge per session you can have as low as 12 children @£7.50 per session with no out of pocket expense.

Maximum number you are be able to take?
We usually recommend 25 students MAX (can make adjustments if we know in advance for slightly more if needed – depending on activity).

After school or before?
After school usually more popular (long term) but BOTH are fine – we can also do lunchtimes split into 30 mins x 2 groups to allow for children’s lunch.
Which days would you be available? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday (for top 5 activities)- can ALSO make adjustment for weekends/ if boarding school

How soon are you able to start?
Within 7 days or less.