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Referees, Umpires and Officials for Tournaments & Home Games

SYL Sports provides reliable and dedicated referees and umpires for all tournaments, and home games.

Our goal in supplying referees and umpires to schools, clubs and associations is to support the philosophy of sportsmanship and fair-play – in support of our high level sports coaching and instructor provision.

All our referees are Level 2 or above and come highly rated with excellent reviews (we work on a points system – based on reviews to ensure that you’re working with the highest rated referees and umpires).

It is important to us that any sporting competition a player participates in is safe, fair and an opportunity for them to demonstrate their current skills and facilitate further learning opportunities. Our officials are experienced in their field and are there to enhance the sporting experience for all involved.

We can provide you with referees and umpires for:


If you’re interested in booking any referees or umpires for your upcoming season…

Here is how it works:

Simply submit the fixtures you would like for us to provide referees and umpires for using the form below.

Feel free to let us know of any specific requirements and that’s it!

Relax and sit back and enjoy the officiating by our professional and well qualified instructors!

We reduce risks of umpire and referee no shows by having several backup refs lined up in advance.

We also contact the officials to confirm attendance on the day as well as have an extensive database of selected officials to step in – last minute in case of last minute cancellations.

100% Attendance Guarantee
No Cash Required
Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

We pay all umpires and referees directly and invoice you at the conclusion of the competition period. This will save your coaches and staff carrying cash on them on game day and allows them to focus on what is important.

Book now using the form below.